What is the best way to prevent the sale of a family farm by siblings?

Answer Litigation. Get a lawyer and challenge the disposition rights, as well as the "intent" of the will, if any. This will tie up the sale by quite some time. Challenge the "Mineral Rights" of the land ... Read More »

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Can siblings force the sale of inherited property in New Jersey?

Methods to Prevent Soil Erosion of Farm Land?

Soil erosion is a large problem in many parts of the world, from huge corporate farms to small-scale family farms. According to the Information for Action website, soil erosion causes 75 billion to... Read More »

Which president's family farm was named mount vernon?

The first president of the United States of America was George Washington. His family estate is known as Mount Vernon and is now a national historic site and popular tourist attraction in Mount Ver... Read More »

What was the most siblings killed from one family in a US war?

The record for service members killed in a single conflict, and actually on a single ship, was the case of the 5 Sullivan brothers, who were all serving on the cruiser USS Juneau (CV-52) when it wa... Read More »