What is the best acne treatment for your back?

Answer Most acne that occurs from your chin and downward is mostly due to an imbalance of hormones and poor diet. Most topical creams and cleansers will not work. Acne starts from within so you have to ... Read More »

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What is the best sun screen to help get back your skin tone?

Use a strong spf sunscreen designed for babies. its stronger since its supposed to be for babies. Your always supposed to put about a shot glass full of sunscreen on your body & put it on 20 minute... Read More »

If your back is kind of hunch back what can you do too adjust your posture?

Great answers so far! I can only add that you might want to look into doing exercises that will help you build strong core muscles. Pilates (as suggested in Marie's answer) is an excellent way to ... Read More »

How to Get Your Best Friend Back?

Getting your best friend back might feel impossible, but just remember that the things that hold two people together don’t usually disappear overnight. To get your best friend back after you’ve... Read More »

What's the best thing you've found down the back of your sofa?

the best thing I ever found was a diamond ring and $20 and some change, I bought my sofa at an auction for $30, I think that I got a better bargain than I thought once I got home and opened it up a... Read More »