What is the best way to make yourself sleepy if you cannot fall asleep at night?

Answer I turn the radio on low it always sends me to sleep.Good Luck

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I'm at work and so sleepy, I'm about to fall asleep. Help me! What can do to stay awake?

How to Take a Bath to Make Yourself Fall Asleep?

Baths can be very relaxing. However, some baths need to be quick due to appointments. Baths at night are often used to help induce sleep on otherwise energetic people. They are very different from ... Read More »

Good ways to make yourself fall asleep?

To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.If you are having trouble switching off at bedtime some light exercise (for example, push ups or sit ups) at bedtime often helps you to relax, ... Read More »

Hi , i am really sleepy and nowadays i have to study hard but i fall asleep soon . what should i eat or drink?

Water, lots of it. It refreshes you and keeps you wide awake especially if it is a bit cold. Things like coffee and energy drinks are not that good for you because they have a lot of caffeine and a... Read More »