How can I make the swelling go down.?

Answer It should begin to recede after a few days and be gone within a week, week and a half.Just don't bump it again lol(How nice of your girlfriend lol, she should be pawing at you and your manly epic s... Read More »

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How does ice make the swelling go down?

the ice constricts blood vessels in the swollen area and they go down.

How to make swelling on an ant bite go down?

Apply a cold compress of cold peas and the welling will go away. The eye is very sensitive with lots of blood to the area.It will be better tomorrow.

Does taking vitamans make your gums swelling go down?

Swollen gums, red gums and bleeding when you brush your teeth are all signs of gingivitis (gum disease). This is caused by food particles becoming trapped beneath your gums and plaque formation. Fl... Read More »

Why does an ice pack or a cold item make swelling go down?

it slows the blood from flowing to the sight of the injury