What is the best way to make programs open faster?

Answer You need more memory; either real RAM or more Virtual Memory. If you can't get more RAM, I'd recommend freeing up some space on your machine so it can simulate more memory on your hard drive (virtu... Read More »

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Free Programs That Will Make PC Run Faster?

There are plenty of software packages available that promise to make a PC run faster with shallow if not fraudulent optimization schemes. The true path to increasing system performance lies in conf... Read More »

Programs to Make a Modem Download Faster?

Accelerator programs increase Internet download speeds using a number of technologies. According to PCWorld, most programs work by compressing graphics, text and other Internet elements. In additio... Read More »

What are the websites where you can download programs for free that make your computer run faster?

beware.... before downloading anything from internet .. be sure that it;s not a spyware or malware or virus. Make sure your antivirus and firewall working and upto can try

How to Make the Start Menu Open Faster?

The Start Menu takes a few mili-secs to open. You can see this mainly in Windows 7 and Vista. This also happens on fast, new computers. This is how to fix it.