What is the best way to make myself invisible?

Answer Be a fat teenager with no social skills.

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I cut myself a couple months ago. How do I make the slit/scar go away the best as possible?

Scars never go away, unless you see a dermatologist or use a special cream. Personally I think if you get a scar it is a mark, of toughness. Unless you inflicted it upon yourself.

How can I best make myself look like an abused woman in order to get into the only homeless shelter in town?

Every city has homeless shelters, but show up early the line could be long considering the economy and the weather. This way you can still wear drag. I don't think you know the trouble you would be... Read More »

What is the best way to cut myself/draw blood?

If you are doing it for art purposes then pricking your finger would be an effective way to use your blood for drawing.

Ok so what is the best way for me to go about recording myself on the piano and somehow getting that on a cd?

Use a simple cassette recorder. Or maybe video yourself. Other alternatives are more a small sound board, a CD recorder, and microphones.