What should you not eat to lose belly fat?

Answer To get rid of stubborn belly fat and lose weight, there are particular foods and beverages you should avoid. Diet plays a large part in determining your physical health, and poor nutrition can make... Read More »

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What excerises lose belly, thigh and hip fat?

Your not in bad shape at all Lucy, However, you have to understand that while exercise is important, portion control and diet are just as important. I did this: trained hard for 4 months and then r... Read More »

What exercises help you lose belly fat the fastest?

Exercise will not reduce belly fat..===============================The truth on losing abdominal body fat - forget the diet hype, here's how it really worksby Mike AdamsLet's take a closer look at ... Read More »

What is a good diet plan for me to lose belly fat?

Apparently you know how to lose weight if you just lost 40 lbs? I recommend walking, if you are young, do exercises at school, use whatever machines available you can lose and tighten up about man... Read More »

What exercise can make belly,arms and leg lose fat immediately?

Go on elliptical trainer for 45 min 6 to 5 days a week and eat healthy and you'll be fine, lift some weight that will help a lot.