What is the best way to legally get music onto your MP3 player?

Answer The good ol' fashioned way: buying the CDs and transferring them over with your favourite music manager. Someone else mentioned iTunes, but this is only any good for iPods as music from the iTunes ... Read More »

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How can you put music on you ipod/mp3 legally?

Unless the artist has given their permission for their music to be used (which is very very rare) there is no free, legal way of getting music. If it's free then you are stealing the song as it has... Read More »

Legally downloading music? searches many free, safe (no-virus) legal music-downloading (no-registration) sites.Hope this helps. Regards!:)

How can i download music LEGALLY?

Try http://download-music-new.netDownload music for free

Where can I get music legally and cheaply?