What is the best way to keep cut Gardenias alive in a bowl?

Answer Answer as soon as possible while under water cut the ends off (the longer its been since they were cut the more you should remove). add to the water some suger and a drop of chlorine bleach to pre... Read More »

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My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive. He is alive in her stomach now. Should she vomit him?

Take my advice, beware of your girlfriend.

How much sun do gardenias need?

Gardenias are tropical bloomers and need a lot of light. Gardenias should be kept out of direct afternoon sunlight during the hottest summer months. If you're growing gardenias inside, they'll need... Read More »

Do Bees Like Gardenias?

Bees typically pollinate flowers during the day. Rubiaceae, or gardenias, often rely on nocturnal moths to pollinate their sweetly scented white flowers. Each type of gardenia features variations... Read More »

When should you prune gardenias?

On One Hand: Prune In Late SummerMost gardenia varieties bloom in the late spring and early summer. Therefore, pruning in the late summer allows the gardener to shape the plant and restrain growth... Read More »