What is the best way to keep cut Gardenias alive in a bowl?

Answer Answer as soon as possible while under water cut the ends off (the longer its been since they were cut the more you should remove). add to the water some suger and a drop of chlorine bleach to pre... Read More »

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How can I keep my motorcycle "alive" when I have to keep it sitting somewhere for a while?

You don't need fuel stabiliser or a battery charger. Just cover the bike up and it will be fine next time you start it up. A month is nothing. Don't even bother starting it up.

What plants or flowers are easiest to keep alive?

When I had a boyfriend who was a botanist, and I exposed my black thumb, he said I should raise coleus. They are easy to grow and hard to kill. Just plant them, water them, give them sunlight, an... Read More »

How to Keep Crickets Alive?

Keeping crickets alive can be easy to do if you have the proper tools and know-how. Helping crickets thrive can be an important part of making sure that they live as long as you need them to. Read ... Read More »

How to Keep a Dream Alive?

"Dreams do not happen when you're asleep. They happen when you're awake."Whatever your goals are, always remember you can make it true. Whether it be love, money, a childhood dream, and ultimately ... Read More »