What is the best way to keep an ice cube from melting for a science project?

Answer If you need to keep an ice cube frozen for as long as possible, it all comes down to the materials you use. You want to consider what would be the best insulating material to keep the ice stored in... Read More »

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Melting Ice Cubes in Hot & Cold Water Science Project?

In science, one law governing the natural world is thermodynamic equilibrium. Namely, in situations where differing concentrations, of material or energy, are mixed together, the differing factors ... Read More »

What is the most efficient substance for melting ice for a science fair project?

On One Hand: Sodium Chloride Melts IceThe most common form of salt is sodium chloride. When used to melt ice, it is called rock salt. It can melt ice when it drops to 16 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.... Read More »

Rubik's Cube Science Fair Project Ideas?

The Rubik's Cube, created by Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik, is considered one of the world's best-selling toys. Even during a recession, global sales of the Rubik's Cube reached 15 million in 2008.... Read More »

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