What is the best way to induce flatuence?

Answer you can't

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What is the best way to induce labor naturally?

There are a number of ways to help get labour started, or once labour is started to keep it established.While I'm not medically trained, and what I say here is not meant to be construed as medical ... Read More »

What can be used to induce vomiting?

Ipecac is best...but two fingers down the back of the throat works too....or thinking of rosie o'donnell naked...that'll do it.

What are natural ways to induce labor?

There are natural ways to help induce labor. These are not recommended to be tried until you are more than 40 weeks pregnant. Be advised that these options will not work if your cervix is not prep... Read More »

What are some methods to induce abortions?

There are 2 safe and legal ways to induce abortions and that is a medical way done with pills up to the 9th week and a surgical way. Both you need to go to a doctor for.