How to impress a boy. (10 Points best answer)?

Answer Ooh, he knows.. hmm, don't overdo it then. Go for a more casual chic look.Wear nice skinny jeans or jeggings (it can be colored if you prefer), those cute tiny belts on your jeans, wear a floral ta... Read More »

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Whats the best drink to seen to be drinking to impress the ladies?

there is no drink in a mans hand that can impress open the door for a lady,give up a bar stool for a lady,be polite,watch your mouth and manners and i'm impressed.

What is the best place to get a motorcycle helmet for wife?

Women's hair volume varies quite a bit from woman to woman. I'd suggest getting it fitted in a local shop. Smart men don't let their women ride with second rate protection.

My wife has ms,what are the best alternative medicines to help her relax at night.?

HOMEOPATHY ON MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS,CAUSES, SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT(Without any side effects or complication), the article is too lengthy to explain here please click the link to read in detail :-http:... Read More »

What short-lived TV spinoff of Cheers featured Carla's ex-hubby Nick and his new wife played by the real-life wife of Casey Casem?