What is the best way to help an oven burn?

Answer Run it under cool water for 10 minutes, then pat dry and put neosporin antibiotic ointment on it and a loose gauze wrap. Take Motrin and keep it clean!

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How do you clean the outside of your oven door after the self cleaning cycleThe top of the oven door is stained from the burn off after the cycle It is stained?

If you mean "hot" as in "electrically live", this wall outlet is dangerous and should be investigated and repaired urgently by a licensed electrician.The reason is probably that the wire going into... Read More »

I got an oven burn ! HELP!?

You need to go see a doctor if it is really bad, ie a third or second degree burn. Below is a little something from Web-MD, which will be useful for you. I would get to your nearest pharmacy, and... Read More »

How to Treat an Oven Burn?

Burning yourself on an oven is a surprising and upsetting event. Your skin may be sore, swollen, red or tender to the touch. In some cases, blisters can form at the burn site. Treatment of oven bur... Read More »

Will i burn myself if i touch the inside of the oven when its on HELP?

Well, you are apparently supposed to be a certain minimum age to even be on this site, so I will treat you as such.Yep, go ahead and stick your hand inside the oven when it is well and truly heated... Read More »