What is the best way to heal a skinned knee?

Answer Skinned knees are an inevitable part of life. While we often think of skinned knees as inconveniences, they deserve our attention to begin the healing process. Whether you're young or old, and cari... Read More »

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How to Heal a Skinned Knee?

Skinned knees occur when a person makes contact between a rough surface and the knee, which results in the loss of some of the skin on the knee. Usually these incidents happen as a result of a loss... Read More »

When was the last time you skinned your knee and what age were you?

10i was running to the ice factory, where i was having a race with my sister. i fell on the muddy ground. my rite knee was flooded with blood.i still has the scar as a memo-random

Can a light skinned woman and a dark skinned man have two dark skinned children in a row?

How do you heal a scratched knee?

Let the air get to it, keep it clean dont let it get dirty again.