What is the best way to grind whole bean coffee at home?

Answer to make the best coffee the beans need to be ground very very fine, most hand grinders will not do that but may be adjusted to be able to, only the expensive electric grinders will do the job and n... Read More »

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How to Grind Coffee at Home?

Some people think coffee is just coffee but if you really want a rewarding cup of your favorite brew, you may want to pay attention to the whole preparation. Besides choosing high quality beans, us... Read More »

Starbucks, coffee bean, or home brew?

starbucks. is that really you on the avatar?!! mmm.....

How to make coffee without coffee machine or coffee grind?

If you mean whole coffee beans then do this:Pound the roasted beans into a fine powder, or as fine as you can get them. Boil water.Put two tablespoons of the pulverized coffee into a coffee filter ... Read More »

Can a very fine coffee grind like "Turkish Coffee" be prepared by French Press?

The French press requires a coarse grind because it uses a coarse screen to filter out the grounds. If you use a Turkish grind you'll get lots of silt in your cup. Of course, you get that when you ... Read More »