Black metal/grind metal type lyrics, but NOT black metal/grind metal?

Answer Who cares about lyrics in extreme metal? Weirdo.Try Ghost B.C

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How to Do a 50/50 Grind?

"Grinding" is the process by which you slide your skateboard across some surface not using your wheels, but sliding on some other part of the board. A 50/50 grind is sliding on a thin surface (pipe... Read More »

What does"an ax to grind"mean?

The phrase "an ax to grind" means that someone has an ulterior motive for doing something or that someone has a dispute that she desires to pursue with another individual. The phrase traces back to... Read More »

How to Grind Ink?

An ink stone, stick, and brushTo do Chinese or Japanese calligraphy, traditionally, the first step is to grind the ink.

How to Grind?

If you've been to a club or a party and seen people dancing with their pelvises together, then you've just witnessed grinding. Sometimes referred to as "freaking" or "grinding," it's most commonly ... Read More »