Tips for whiter teeth or best teeth whitener?

Answer Rembrandt is awesome though expensive. But one I do 2 or 3times a week is get toothpaste on you toothbrush, dip it in baking soda and brush. That works but will only whiten for about a night so it'... Read More »

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What are the best natural products for whiter teeth, fresher breath?

Chewing on crunchy foods like carrots, apples and celery, is said to cause friction which helps get debris off your teeth that can stain them. There are many old natural remedies and some new natur... Read More »

How can you get your teeth whiter?

Answerbrush teeth with bicarb or baking soda NO SERIOUSLY DO THIS---------BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH ANY NORMAL TOOTHPASTE AND THEN FILL YOUR MOUTH WITH MOUTHWASH (listerine and aquafresh exteme clean..... Read More »

How to make your teeth whiter?

Omg i asked this same question and googled it Wiki how had the answerEveryday before you brush your teeth rinse your mouth with 1 or two table spoon of hydrogen peroxide rinse it out and brush norm... Read More »

Tricks to Get Your Teeth Whiter?

A healthy, white smile is the perfect accessory. In addition to helping you feel confident, whitening your teeth can also help you look more youthful. One of the symptoms of aging is teeth that bec... Read More »