What is the best way to get rid of unwanted horse manure?

Answer compost it and spread it in a field or garden

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Which Is the Best Manure for the Garden: Cow, Horse or Rabbit?

Traditionally, animal manure has been the primary source of fertilizer for farmers who kept animals and also grew food crops. As agriculture has become big business in modern times, farming has int... Read More »

What does it mean when horse manure is yellow?

Horse manure that is yellow has either aged and dried, or the horse has a heavy hay diet. Most horse manure is green or dark brown from grazing on grass and weeds.References:Brittney Gibbs, Horse T... Read More »

Can you use horse manure on a garden?

Horse manure is an excellent addition to every garden compost pile. When horse manure compost is used in the garden, the soil is vastly improved and the health of the plants will remain strong and ... Read More »

How to Compost Horse Manure?

Composting is the process of allowing organic materials to decompose in a more or less controlled setting, so that the resulting material can be used as a beneficial soil additive. For gardeners an... Read More »