What is the best way to get rid of too many dogs?

Answer Having too many dogs can be overwhelming. When your dog has puppies or you move to a smaller place, you may find yourself with too many dogs for your living situation. When you simply have too many... Read More »

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Grilled Hot Dogs Boiled Hot Dogs Steamed Hot Dogs Or Fried hot Dogs Which do you like better ?

I like hot dogs fixed on the grill the best, but that usually happens in the summer. I can just have boiled hot dogs until then. (lol)

What is the best thing to use for fleas on dogs?

On One Hand: Topical Medications are More EffectiveThe most popular and, unfortunately, most expensive flea medications are applied topically. These topical medications are applied monthly and kill... Read More »

What Dogs are Best for People With Allergies?

Several dog breeds have long been popular companions of owners who suffer from allergies. While no dog is non-allergenic, some have been considered hypoallergenic based on their single hair coat an... Read More »

What is the best flea&tick control for dogs?

On One Hand: Convenience and AvailabilityFlea and tick medications, collars, sprays and shampoos provide an easy and affordable solution. They are readily available in prescription and nonprescript... Read More »