What is the best way to get rid of the greatest pain of all how do you handle it?

Answer CBT( Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) has proven to be effective in reducing pain and disability when it is used as part of a therapeutic strategy for chronic pain. CBT addresses the psychological com... Read More »

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The greatest physical pain you have ever experienced is what?

I had recieved a burn so bad to the back of my leg that it was out side the chart of bern degrees. It was black and leathery and burned down past the muscle.That was not the pain part. The doctor h... Read More »

How to Handle Excruciating Pain?

Handling pain is difficult and involves a lot of patience. With time, handling pain can get easier, but even the best pain-handlers need some way to get through excruciating pain that may be caused... Read More »

If you are down literally and you can't handle the pain is it normal to think crazy?

It's normal mate.The trick is to try and remember that this feeling is not permanent and will pass.My past thoughts have run from suicide to completely bizzare and have even gone to repeatedly imag... Read More »

One of my best buds just to handle the mental pain?

I'm sorry for your loss.Time is the only thing that will heal you. For now, just try to focus on the good times. Rather than dwelling on the fact he's gone, try to be grateful for the time you got ... Read More »