What is the best way to get rid of negative energy?

Answer I thing I do quite often is burn incense in every room of my house. As I do this I ask the Gods and Goddesses to send there energy to cleanse my space and create a scared space. This all depends ... Read More »

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How to Clear Negative Energy?

Negative energy = down, sad, exasperated, broken, poor, helpless, confused, jealous, possessive, narrow minded, fault finder, pissed off, regrets and all the stupid things.

How to Release Negative Emotional Energy?

Ready to get rid of those black feelings!We all feel consumed by negative emotional energy at some point in our lives. Maybe this is because of sadness or anger; or maybe this is because somebody h... Read More »

How to Ground Yourself of Negative Energy?

Are you finding yourself on edge or easily influenced by other's emotions? Do you feel spacey and have difficulty concentrating, as if you are spread too thin? Grounding, a simple meditation, will ... Read More »

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