I need a realy good natural herb for menstral cramps. PLEASE! i will snort, smoke, I dont care! just stop this?

Answer Check this site outhttp://www.craighitchenstherapies.comThis man does free online naturopathic consultations. He is properly qualified and the program I got was great. I think he may be able to he... Read More »

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What is the best medicine for menstual cramps?

Personally I find the only medication that helps relieve my menstrual craps/pain is Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug originally marketed as Nurofen and since under var... Read More »

What is the easiest and/or best way to get rid of period cramps?

hey! so im the same age as you, iv had my period for a year and a half too, and i have the same problem. i get them really bad because i dont drink alot of water, witch is what causes it! so drink ... Read More »

What does it mean if you have early periods without cramps or signs for 7days and laterhave periods with cramps?

How to Regulate a Menstral Cycle?

A menstrual cycle is a nuisance, making women feel sick, tired and achy. Facing irregularity on top of that can be a huge frustration and is a condition suffered by approximately 30% of women. Befo... Read More »