What is the best way to get rid of limescale in the toilet?

Answer Limescale, a common stain on bathroom fixtures, is a whitish-brown mineral deposit left behind by hard water. Alkaline in composition, limescale can be removed by the acetic acid found in vinegar. ... Read More »

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Will a toilet get clogged with limescale?

Depending on where you live, a toilet can become clogged by limescale. It does not affect the larger drains such as the bowl exit, but it will affect the small holes in the bowl's rim where the wat... Read More »

How can I remove stained limescale from an old toilet. I have tried products from the supermarket with no luck?

Limescale on shower head?

Bleach doesn't really touch limescale which is a mineral deposit. If you are really sure it wont unscrew you could try the white vinegar on lots of kitchen towel like you did and then wrap it tight... Read More »

Any ideas of a natural way to get rid of limescale?

A friend of mine pours 2 litres of Cola (the main brand) down her loo and leaves it to shift it, just needs a brisk brush before flushing!Other items, have used Vineger, Fresh lemon cut in half and... Read More »