Belly fat is a problem for diabetics, what about extreme belly muscle?

Answer Body fat requires less metabolic functions to take place - including the production of insulin. having a body mass that is larger than what is recomended, even if it is lean, creates excessive stra... Read More »

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Best Workouts For Losing Belly Fat?

Losing fat from belly is very difficult. But some proper kinds of exercises or physical activities can help you burn more calories. Researches and studies have shown that aerobic exercise proves ve... Read More »

Best ways to get rid of belly and thigh fat?

OMGthe 3 day diet...Its soooooo unhealthy but its only 3 days and you can lose like 5-10 lbsJust drink ALOT of water ,eat 4-6 times a day..But 10 mini carrots is too much for one'll feel... Read More »

Best Types of Shirts to Hide Belly Fat?

Searching for shirts to hide belly fat is a challenge for many women. With so many clothing options available, there is surely a way to make your midsection look leaner and better. The keys to find... Read More »

The Best Way to Keep a Belly Button Piercing Clean?

A belly button is pierced through the upper rim of the navel. A piercer -- he should be certified by the Association of Professional Piercers -- measures the area, puts a needle into the skin and i... Read More »