Best option for wifi repeater WITHOUT losing 50% bandwidth - DD-WRT or tomato and back-2-back AP's ?

Answer You can do what you depict using bridges for the "backhaul" but there is still some loss of speed. Setup MAIN --->Bridge--AP --> Users it does work. there are units made to do this (not your off th... Read More »

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Best ways to treat a lower back strain to get back into physical exercise quick and without relapse?

1. Chiropractor, who can give you far better answers than Yahoo Answers.2. My chiropractor had me place a pillow or what-have-you under my knees and sleep on my back. Made a HUGE difference in lowe... Read More »

What is the best mattress for a bad back?

On One Hand: Choose a Firm MattressThose suffering from back pain require a firm mattress to sleep on. A mattress that is too soft or saggy can cause the spine to curve unnaturally, which can lead ... Read More »

What are the best lower back and hip exercises?

What is the best back to school makeover?……Work on your self esteem too. Confidence is beautiful.…Also take car... Read More »