What is the best home remedy for pimple like bump on the clitoris?

Answer well i have the same problem too but what i do is i don't use toilet paper to clean i use any type of baby wipes so it doesnt irratate it also if u shaw down there it can be an infected hair grown ... Read More »

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Best pimple treatment.?

My favorite Plain baking soda and water mask is by far the best you can do for acne prone skin. Mix a water and baking soda in a cup until the consistancy of a thinner paste. Pat on face (do not ru... Read More »

I have a weird pimple like thing on my eye-lid, can you get a pimple there?

Yes, its a stye, and they hurt!!! Dont worry, it will go away eventually all on its own, just like any other pimple."Most styes will drain on their own though this may be accelerated with a hot or ... Read More »

Pimple help :] i will choose a best answer !?

It's not a matter of what to eat or not eat- nothing you eat has any effect on breakouts. What does have an effect is your hands. The less you touch your face, the less chance you have for a brea... Read More »

What's the best way to pop a pimple without leaving a scar?

The best way would probably be immediately after(or during) a warm shower, anytime your pores are more open. Pores expand when in the heat, in vapor, and they shrink when its cold. So there would b... Read More »