What does high fever mean over and over?

Answer It means you should go to a doctor and quit asking wikianswers

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What is an effective way to reduce a high fever of over 104?

Ice gold bath .Fill tub 6-7 in. sit down stay till fev. is 100.

How to Get over Bieber Fever?

If you've got Bieber fever but want to get over it and get on with your life, here is how.

Should a child with a fever over 100 still go to school?

What is the best whiskey to use for making a Hot Tottie to break a fever?

Seagrams 7 for a Whiskey, Or you can try Christian Brothers Brandy, But if you like Honey, Try Barenjager, Tastes just like honey with a 80 proof kick, I wish I could wrap you in a comforter and ta... Read More »