Is a beer drunk different than a hard alcohol drunk?

Answer Alcohol is alcohol. It's all metabolized the same by an individual. The sugar in a lot of liqueurs causes worse hangovers. Personally, I have a hard time getting drunk on beer because I get bloated... Read More »

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Gardeners or others - Beside possum what other varmints have you gotten drunk trying to kill slugs with beer?

Skunks, 2 of them one time. It was really funny, skunks are so damned cute anyway.{{RScott}}

Is it possible to get drunk sitting in a play pool filled with beer, not by drinking it but through osmosis?

Not sure. I've sat in my daughter's kiddie pool with (more than) a few beer to cool off on a hot day, but I've never tried filling the pool with beer. Cheers.j0e

What is the best way to get a teenager to understand the danger of being in a car with a drunk driver?

Tell your teen to call you and you will pick him or her up, no questions asked, if he or she suspects the driver might be drunk.If your teenager isn't responsible enough to recognize this then you ... Read More »

What beer goes best with Turkey?