What do you say is the best alcoholic drink to get drunk off (fast)?

Answer Long Island Iced Tea used to work best for me. There's four different types of booze in it. But what ever you drink, if you drink on an empty stomach you'll feel it faster.

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Best Drink to get Drunk Fast!?

y would you wanna do that but i suppose going out drinking on an empty stomach would help

Whats the best way to get drunk fast?

Junior a go gos. little concoction.Large Bottle Of BulmersBottle Of Smirnoff IceBottle Of Barcardi Orange3 Pints of Ice3 StrawsPour the 3 bottles into the pints & put a dash of BLACKCURRENT into ... Read More »

Is it normal to get drunk fast when on antidepressants ?

Ummmm it clearly states not to consume alcoholic beverages while taking prescribed medication!! Self explanatory on bottle :)

What is the best cure for a hangover And don't say " Stay drunk!"?

Are you hungover this morning? OK - drink 1 cup of coffee and eat something substantial like toast with a little butter (not eggs) not greasy. Drink some juice - V8 or OJ is best. If you can, ge... Read More »