What is the best way to get a splinter out of your hand?

Answer In the Uk you can go to a chemist and buy Magnesium Sulphate Paste. It is a white paste in a small pot, you only need a little on a dressing or elastoplast. Put it in covering the splinter and leav... Read More »

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I want to keep a splinter in my hand Is that wrong?

If you leave it in there it's going to get infected. Get it out or your screwed

What is the best thing to use when u burn your hand with a frying pan?

I worked at a regional Burn Center Hospital... Come on RNs -- NO ICE!From: the burn immediately with cool water to reduce the skin temperature and st... Read More »

Best way to take out splinter?

The baking soda and peroxide thing is true, it worked for me when I had one on my finger. Other than that it'll take like a while depending on how deep it is to come out alone. Which may be dangero... Read More »

Best ways to remove a splinter?

Dig with a needle, but do not leave it to work itself out, it can become infected if neglected and need to be painfully lanced, I have experienced it.