What company make the best GPS systems for a good price And what model of it do u like the best?

Answer No handheld GPS devise is really great for a CAR!! For the money ANY.....LAPTOP NAV SOFTWARE is a better way to go!! What I mean is, for under $100.00 US you can buy software and GPS to plug into ... Read More »

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R&P: What word or two best decribes the type of music you like best?

Hmm, on the count it's blues and jazz...ah, gah. There is so many, but all around, it's just the music that befriends my soul at the end of the day that really gets me kicked back and feeling somet... Read More »

What is the best setting for the canon SX30 and I need to know the specific settings like do I put it on P or M and then what aperture or shutter speed is best?

It all depends on the light levels as it will constantly change, it's all physics

PIX INCLUDED: Do you like my hair curly or straight and what color do you like my hair 10 points best answer?

Do you like to eat eggs i like yellow stuff in the egg that the best part?

I do like to eat eggs, it is the yolk, the yellow, the albumen the white. I like the yolks runny, more than setDune