What is the best way to end your life but without pain?

Answer Bullet to the temple. You cant buy paracetemol in sufficient quantity to do you in

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How best can you describe labor pain Was it the worst pain in your life If not, what was?

it's going to friggin hurt like hell to start, but honest to god after it is over it's not so much of a big deal, you'll be advising other women on how to stay calm and try and 'enjoy' the experien... Read More »

I have alot of medical problems & have been on pain meds for 17 yrs &will i need meds for life for pain manage?

You've asked the same question at least twice, and have not given valid details for anyone to give an answer. What are your problems? There may be answers for some of them.For example, are any of t... Read More »

Is there a life without leg pain ?

this is your third time mentioning about your leg it is serious to me.being a friend may i suggest some thing that you may do for relief and to get better for ever.if your answer in yes...... Read More »

Is there anyone out there that needs a little help With life With pain With... anything?

Very kind of you but no thanks................