What is the best way to eat Vegemite :) ?

Answer Well it's obvious! You eat it for breakfast with a good friend or lover, while watching the sun rise across the cool blue waters ot the Pacific Ocean of course! (I like it with cheese on toast)((((... Read More »

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Does Vegemite go bad?

The extremely high salt content should keep it from going off!There are a lot of Australian foods that have "best before" dates on the packaging, but only because it's a legal requirement, not beca... Read More »

How to Eat Vegemite?

Seen the ads? Heard that Australians eat Vegemite EVERY DAY? Ever wondered how us Aussie's do it? Well, perhaps, this is your answer!

Kimchi or Vegemite :) ?

Well, that is a tough one. We eat kimchi every day. Really, every day. I do make my own as does my mother when time permits. But usually go to a Korean market and get it there. I buy the cabba... Read More »

What is Vegemite made of?

Yum! Vegemite on a slice of dark, whole wheat bread ...This was my introduction to the stuff at the hand of an Aussie friend in grad school. I can tell you what it tastes like: a block of fresh ... Read More »