What is the best way to deal with ignorance?

Answer "I mean is there any angle I can take to get these meat eaters to understand we are not meant to eat meat?"Nope. Your opinion means nothing to me. Animals eat animals.

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How to Deal With Ignorance with Regard to Atheism?

If you are atheist, it can be difficult to deal with the proportion of theists who may be intolerant and most often ignorant of the intricacies of your position. Often, wild assumptions and keenly ... Read More »

What is the best way to deal with diabetes?

you should have gone to a class that is offered to new diabetics= how to give yourself insulin and what kinds of food to eat =ask your Dr about this and good luck

What is the 'best' way to deal with an aggressive driver?

At 50 MPH and 1.5 car length distance, you were WAY too close. That's why they were mad. Learn how to drive properly.

What is the best way you deal with depression in your own life?

You know what makes people the happiest that is often over looked? Doing things for other people. Doing things for other people and making them happy compliments,errands,etc. Is the best feeling in... Read More »