What is the best way to deal with ignorance?

Answer "I mean is there any angle I can take to get these meat eaters to understand we are not meant to eat meat?"Nope. Your opinion means nothing to me. Animals eat animals.

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How to Deal With Ignorance with Regard to Atheism?

If you are atheist, it can be difficult to deal with the proportion of theists who may be intolerant and most often ignorant of the intricacies of your position. Often, wild assumptions and keenly ... Read More »

Ignorance about tattoos?

Yes many people have tattoos, but people associate tattoos with trashy because it is usually these type of people that go out of their way to show their tattoos off while the majority don't make a ... Read More »

Pardon my ignorance, but what does PMS actually stand for?

Where can I buy the Blind Ignorance game?

Blind Ignorance is a game wherein players wear cards on their heads with the names of famous people written on them. While this game is no longer produced as of 2011, you may be able to find it at ... Read More »