How do i cure a cold sore?

Answer you could try abreva, viradent gel cold sore treatment, lipreve for cold sore relief, orajel multi-action cold sore medicine gel, orajel medicated cold sore swabs, zilactin cold sore gel, zilactin-... Read More »

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How to Cure a Cold Sore Fast?

A cold sore is like a friend who always happens to visit at the most inconvenient of times. Chances are, you want to look and feel your best for that upcoming social event, but a cold sore has deci... Read More »

Should you eat cold food to cure a sore throat?

If someone told you food, food of different temperatures or beverages will CURE a sore throat they have fed you incorrect information. You cannot cure a sore throat with food or over the counter dr... Read More »

What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?

Grapefruit Seed Extract from your health food store or online at - not affiliated. Dilute 10 drops in 6 oz of water and gargle. Swallow. It is the most effective thing we ha... Read More »

What is the best cold sore medicine?

On One Hand: Antivirals Improve Healing TimeThe best cold sore medicine is an oral anti-viral medication. According to Web MD, oral antiviral medicines reduce pain and slightly improve healing time... Read More »