How to Convert Australian Money Into United States Money?

Answer If you are looking to convert Australian money into United States money, you should first check currency exchange rates online to determine the amount of money in United States dollars that you wil... Read More »

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Is money still backed by gold?

Many countries used a "gold standard" through the 20th century, where every unit of currency was backed by an equal amount of gold. In 1971, facing inflation and other fiduciary pressures, Presiden... Read More »

What is a gold money account?

There are many different ways of conducting commerce on the Internet, and several different financial service companies that facilitate these, such as PayPal. Some of these companies actually conve... Read More »

How to Get a Ton of Money/Gold on Wizard101?

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How much money should I have to buy and sell gold?

On One Hand: Probably at least $10,000.Trading the gold markets is futures trading. Futures trading is highly leveraged, and therefore extremely risky. You don't want to risk more than 5 percent to... Read More »