What is the best way to clean the inside of a DSLR camera body?

Answer Unless its really bothering you I suggest just ignoring it. If you absolutely positively find its just too annoying to ignore then hold the camera with the lens mount facing down and use a small bu... Read More »

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Which DSLR camera's of Nikon and Canon have auto focus with in the camera Body?

First of all 1100D is a very basic camera. Don't consider it. Try 550D, if your budget permit.In Nikon, cameras below than D90 don't have auto focus motor i.e D3000 / D3100 / D3200 (newly launched)... Read More »

Best all round DSLR Camera body Under £1000?

Hi Matt. You're going to get all kinds of answers based mostly on personal preference.Among the majors of the day, Canon and Nikon there really is no "best". There's different of course but not b... Read More »

Is image stabilization better on the camera body or on the lens of a dSLR?

I agree with Bob and I will add one more bit of insight. I have the D200 and the same 18-200 VR lens he mentioned, along with a 70-300 VR and my wife has a 55-200 VR for her D50, so we have some e... Read More »

How to Clean a Nikon DSLR Camera View Finder?

Nikon digital SLR cameras are made with precision, and when cleaning is needed, it must be done with extreme care so the camera is not damaged. It's easy for the viewfinder of the camera to become ... Read More »