What is the best way to clean a very expensive laptops screen?

Answer I use iKlear on my laptop, great stuff: can pick some up at your local Apple Store, even comes with a micro chamois.

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What is best to clean my laptops screen with?

The stuff you clean eye glasses with *WALMART*

Laptops are over-rated, expensive, unreliable, irritating and undeservedly glorified. So why did you buy one?

I DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!Proud desktop owner here!! I am sorry it's sucked for you though. :( And James, you best watch out for your porn!! What would you do without it???

Do laptops need to use a screen saver?

Laptops do not require a screen saver. Screen savers were originally designed to prevent burn-in on computer screens that utilize cathode ray tubes, which are not present in laptops that use CRT an... Read More »

Laptops: Is there a big differense between screen size 16 and 15,5 ?

A half inch as matter of fact. Thats not really much difference. Its not worth even putting it in for comparison purposes. So its just slightly over one Centimeter bigger.Also some there has been n... Read More »