What is the best way to clean a keyboard without taking it apart?

Answer u could use a vacuum hose to suck it away or a can of compressed air (most stores have them, but the cleanest and most air is in the stuff at places like best buy.) If u don't have compressed air, ... Read More »

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How can i identify my motherboard without taking apart my computer?

Everest Home Edition - Successor to AIDA32 ----LATEST FREE RELEASE - Everest Home V2.20 =… Read More »

Dime stuck in garbage disposal blades any way to get it out without taking apart?

You should be able to obtain an"S" shaped Allen wrench which fits into the bottom center of the disposer on the outside. You use this tool to reverse the direction of the disposer to free the dime.... Read More »

How to Find Your Mobile Phone's Serial Number Without Taking it Apart?

This is a simple way to find your mobile phone's serial number if youA.Have thrown the packaging away B.Don't want to take your phone to pieces JUST to look behind the battery compartment

How do I figure out whether my graphics card is part of the motherboard and without taking apart the computer?

In order to upgrade your graphics card you need to know a few things. First, does your computer have a slot for it, and second, what kind of slot does it have? AGP 4x/8x or PCIexpress are the newes... Read More »