What is the best way to classify Wikipedia's many, many mistakes?

Answer I would say by the kind of expertise required to detect the mistake. Some mistakes are blatant and obvious to everyone, like "David Beckham was a Chinese goalie from the 18th century." Others not q... Read More »

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Why so many users complain that others here make spelling mistakes .........?

yeas, it tis a dankiy miking fon af o robbet foer hiveing lanng aers. yeas it tis eiranic.

What format should I digitize my many, many, many family photos (TIFF or JPEG) At what resolution?

Lots of variables here, if you are planning on enlarging photos or just want to keep them the original size, it depends on what resolution the were taken at. This takes a little experimentation on ... Read More »

What game show is widely held to be the first of many many many?

What is wikipedias problem?

Wikipedia has blacked out their website for the rest of the day, censored it, if you will. It's to protest against a bill that Congress is trying to pass in the U.S. right now called the Stop Onlin... Read More »