How to Cheat On a Test?

Answer Warning: Cheating carries heavy consequences if you are caught which can include an automatic zero on the test, suspension or even expulsion. Many schools will even mark on your transcript indicati... Read More »

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How to Help a Friend Cheat on a Test?

Ever been sitting in class taking a quiz and your friend asks you an answer.Don't worry about it from now on because, after you read this article you will know what to do.

How to Cheat on a Scantron Test?

This article describes how to avoid missing answers on bubble-type tests. Test scoring machines pick up right and wrong answers by picking up on lead #2 pencil marks. If nothing has been marked, at... Read More »

How to Cheat on a Test Using a Desk?

There are tons of different ways to cheat on a test, but using your desk can be one of the most effective. Read on to find out how to use a desk to cheat on a test without getting caught.

How to Cheat on a Test Using Clothing?

Cheating on a test is never a good idea. You cheat both yourself and your future. However, if you must, at least try to do it right.