How did the bombing of the World Trade Centre change the world?

Answer It changed are world besause so many opeople died and those were the highest buildings ever.

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What car is the best in the world?

By far The AMC Gremlin, especially the green ones. Anyone old enough to remember these beauties knows the styling, handling and performance are unmatched. I can't imangine why they ever stopped ... Read More »

What is the best TRAIN in the WORLD?

Best train of any type for speed: Japanese mag-lev.Best conventional train for speed? France's TGV (or, in North America, the Acela Express).Best locomotive for classic looks? An EMD F-unit.Best lo... Read More »

What is the best relationship in the world?

What are the best air forces in the world?

The USA Naval air force is the best air force in the world, because their pilots have to take off and land on carriers, at night and in bad weather.