What is the best way to care for my cut (picture included)?

Answer Keep it clean... Hydrogen Peroxide it 3 times a day... That's what I do for my cuts... wash it with soap and water before the Hydrogen Peroxide though... And it might sting..

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Which hair/picture do you like best (pics included)?

How can I compare your hair with your hat on in one pic and off in the other one?Anyway, I'd say the first is the best.

What to do with my hair Picture included.?

What color are my eyes picture included.?

you should be thanksful for your amazing eyes.i would kill for those. hazel. i love them.

(Picture included) What can I do with my hair?

Ha just answered your last question!! I think I'm responsible for the length comment.... Try:Fishtail braidsLace braid into messy bunMessy bunFishtail braid into a bunCurly ponytailTry blow drying... Read More »