How to Calm a Girl Down?

Answer A girl is sad and angry maybe she's getting over a break up or hung up over something. You want to help her? Here's a few tips and tricks on how to do so.

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I think I’ve drank too much caffeine…what can I take to calm down?

Yes the first thing you need to ask your self is the caffiene making my heart race? Then you have to say to your self i am me and i am above this, calm down like the other guy or girl have said, a... Read More »

What tea is good to calm you down when you're nervous & anxious?

Others have already given a lot of good advice, but I have a few more ideas to offer. I run a tea site and have researched this topic quite a bit, so I'll link you to some pages that have citation... Read More »

How to Calm Down?

When you're stressed, depressed, or downright angry, you might not know what to do to calm yourself down quickly––yet, it's important to teach yourself this skill because the sooner you calm do... Read More »

How to Calm Chickens Down?

Do your chickens sometimes go crazy when you enter their cage or throw food in there?