Would it look bad to call in sick to work, after a night of drinking?

Answer are you unable to perform 100 % at work today ? then you might wonna call in , however if youre boss suspects its coz of a nite of drinking , he may not let you call in , coz he,ll figure that ever... Read More »

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I called in sick to work because I am sick with the flu and my job is demanding a doctor's note.?

You can self-certificate, go to your doctor and ask about this. They can't and won't turn this into a dramatic situation once you do this.

How to Call in Sick?

rignnnhtEverybody has those times when you just need the day off. Some days you might not want to call your boss to say, I want the day off. You might just want to use a sick day.

Can call in if sick?

If you are TRULY and REALLY SICK, and can demonstrate, truthfulness in your declaration, then, HOW CAN ANYONE PROVE YOU WRONG????....UNLESS;......??????????....… G.You may have ALREADY DEMONSTRAT... Read More »

How to Call in Sick when You Just Need a Day Off?

Everyone needs the occasional unscheduled day of leisure. Here's how to get yours without raising suspicions at work.