What is the best way to calculate the age of a person?

Answer *no ! u dont have to include the year of yr birth !Cause u r only a few months old in ''that'' year !!Its only wn u complete 12 months from the day u r born, that u complete "1 year" !!So start cal... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Age of a Person Using Palmistry?

The thumb is the most important and vital part on the human’s body. Even the modern medical science has proved that there is a “Thumb Centre” in the human brain. The thumb plays an important ... Read More »

How to Calculate How Much of a Mortgage a Person Can Afford?

When considering taking out a mortgage to buy a home, you need to carefully consider how much money you can afford to pay for the monthly payment. Since the amount you can borrow depends on the int... Read More »

Who do you think will win American Idol 2010. Please add one to the count under the name of the person you think will win I will remove each person who is kicked off the show.?

If a person with no eye defect begins wearing glasses with some power, how will that person be affected?

Perfect eyes: if you wear glasses and don't need them (or, as a glasses wearer you wear ones that are too strong for you) you will get a headache and your eyes will feel tired. Over a period of tim... Read More »