How to Calm Someone Down After a Breakup?

Answer Did your best female friend just get dumped? Guess who's place she rolled into to share her sadness? Yours! This is how to make that sad, crying lump in the corner into your happy friend again!

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What Are the Signs When a Guy Is About to Breakup With You?

Nobody is a mind reader, but a man contemplating a breakup may behave in ways that are passive-aggressive, unkind and aloof. If a woman recognizes the signs, she can make the choice to wait for the... Read More »

Best breakup songs Come on you know you wanna....?

Let Me Go, If I Could Be Like That, Story of a Girl, and Here Without You Baby by 3 Doors DownPain and I Hate Everything About You by Three Days GraceI Miss You by Blink182Calling You by Blue Octob... Read More »

Best sad songs to listen to while going through a breakup?

"What Can I do" - The Corrs"I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor"You Oughta Know" - Alanis Morrisette"Diamonds and Rust" - Judas Priest"Broken Days" - For My Pain..."How do I Live" LeAnn Rimes"I Know it... Read More »

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