What is the best way to keep cut Gardenias alive in a bowl?

Answer Answer as soon as possible while under water cut the ends off (the longer its been since they were cut the more you should remove). add to the water some suger and a drop of chlorine bleach to pre... Read More »

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What is best way to remove unsightly brown stains in the toilet bowl?

What month of the year is best to perform the annual toilet bowl maintenance cleaning?

I think you can pay someone to do that? I believe they're called, "wives". Although, they can be very expensive. It's almost worth it just to rent a port-a-potty and have them haul it away and r... Read More »

How to Bowl Your Best Game Ever?

Have you ever been at a bowling alley and watched a great bowler and said to yourself, "Man I wish I could bowl like that?" If you did, you're not alone! You need to be truly interested in bowling ... Read More »

What's the best cleaner to use for a really stained toilet bowl?

CLR or bleach powder should sure to drain the bowl first (send a bucket of water down to get the water level down.)If the stain is that strong, leave some bleach in the bowl overnight.How... Read More »