What is the best gift to buy somebody about to start a course of chemotherapy?

Answer a blanket, a book, a portable CD player and audio book (if they have an ipod you can get them a gift card to get music or an audiobook).When my grandma was in chemo I gave her a chemo-bag. It was a... Read More »

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Best way of getting revenge on somebody for winding you up?

set him up, get all your mates and have a party, but say it's a fancy dress party, invite loads of mates, the ones that do know him, explain your plan and tell them to invite their mates and so on,... Read More »

I am planning to buy a DVD player. Can somebody help me to choose best brand?

Get a Blu-ray! More expensive but totally worth it if you have an HDTV. If not, go with Toshiba.

Would somebody suggest me some Alice Cooper's best song?

Can somebody tell me what is c++?

C++ is an object oriented programing language.Here we use object and classes follows the bottom up approach.Lots and lots of advantages are there in using this language here we can use the useful c... Read More »