How to Ask a Girl to the Movies?

Answer There are many ways to ask a girl out. However, it's very different to ask a girl to the movies (a dark place, alone with a guy she hardly knows) than it is to go to a dinner date. Here's how to ap... Read More »

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Is it bad that I'm a girl and I like action and war movies?

Not at all. I'm a female (I just use Simba because I like Disney) but I like action and war movies too. I also really liked Saving Private Ryan. And The Patriot is one of my favorites. Action is ab... Read More »

How to Kiss a Girl at the Movies?

To kiss a girl at the movies, read this article. It guarantees success!

How to Treat a Girl at the Movies (Teenagers)?

For teenagers, going to the local movie theater is a great way to hang out with friends and meet new friends. There is also something else going on at the movies: dating.

What is the name of the girl in the intro of Movies from Space?

If you mean the ones in the episode "Blink" then they are called the "Weeping Angels"Note: they are also known as the "Lonely Assassins" as they cannot touch anything or look at each other.