What movies am I missing from this List of best movies 2008-2012?

Answer Interesting list. I liked a lot of those movies and now I know some I want to go watch because they look good. I will try to give you some you might have missed. A lot of these you've probably seen... Read More »

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I wont to watch lots of movies suggest all of your best movies?

Fight ClubDistrict 9DriveThe PrestigeLittle Miss SunshineDonnie DarkoThree Kings (1999)Brick (Indie film in 2005 if you have trouble)Pulp FictionInglorious BasterdsDjango UnchainedSchindler's ListS... Read More »

What are really good teen girl movies?

My friends and i always get together and watch movies, oh here are some more of the chickflick movies:The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, The Notebook,Ever After,Shes The Man,Mean Girls,Never B... Read More »

What is the name of the girl in the intro of Movies from Space?

If you mean the ones in the episode "Blink" then they are called the "Weeping Angels"Note: they are also known as the "Lonely Assassins" as they cannot touch anything or look at each other.

What color will best best for a girl room?

pink, lavender, sky blue, [mine is gonna be neon orange]